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What is The BEST Paste and Text Sharing Tool Site today, in this day and age? A lot of people may be wondering, many may stick to the ones they have been using for years, while others may not even be aware of them, as well as the benefits they provide.

With, you are able to quickly and efficiently share text, code, links or absolutely any type of text you like. Simply visit the website, paste, and share! There are many benefits that propaste brings compared to other paste sites. Whether it be more features or features that other websites usually charge a fee for.

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Features of The BEST Paste and Text Sharing Tool Site

  • Over a hundred syntax highlighting if you wish to share snippets of code or anything along those lines
  • Optional paste expirations, as well as privacy, whether you want your paste to only display for an hour, or have your paste completely private; propaste can do it
  • Password protection as well as encryption on your paste, again, optional
  • Statistics as well as management of pastes for registered users, which is completely free, you won’t see a single option to pay money for a membership
  • Easy, 30 second registration; without having to activate your email
  • Signing up and in with Twitter, Google and Facebook
  • A modern interface which allows for an attractive design whilst still being more efficient, meaning you can share your text faster
  • Dark mode AND light mode! Eyes getting tired of the brightness? Simply hit the moon button and things will instantly turn dark
  • Trending page, as well as almost infinite paste limits

What else can The BEST Paste and Text Sharing Tool Site provide me with?

With the owner of being me, I paste account lists for common websites, as well as ones that you won’t normally see around on EliteLeaks. You can usually find these on the trending page. It’s definitely worth utilizing the website as your main text sharing tool for this purpose alone as you will often be some of the first people to see these recent pastes.

You can find a full list of features, information and get started on the home page of the website.

Visit propaste now and get started on the best paste sharing tool on the internet!

Visit The BEST Paste and Text Sharing Tool Site

   Visit propaste now!


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