Songoda: Premium Minecraft Plugins – Epic Collection NULLED


Songoda: Premium Minecraft Plugins – Epic Collection NULLED FOR FREE contains a wide variety of Minecraft plugins, but first, why are these important? Minecraft plugins are the bread and butter of the entire experience of your Minecraft world. They shape, add features to things you never thought possible as well as just give more and more purposes to the vanilla game; which you can achieve in more and more ways.

What is Songoda?

Songoda took its first steps as a small project for an unknown kid who was both new to Java and even newer to the Spigot API. It took a lot of time, frustration and even some adversity to get off the ground but through learning, planning proper execution Songoda grew from that unknown kid with a few plugins to a viable small business. Once we became a proper team we began to concentrate heavily on development and even on an infrequent basis buying out other plugins and re-marketing them on third party sites, which has proven to be a successful strategy at the time. Though through time and experience it became clear to us that third party marketplaces had a few built in limitations. Unable to correct these limited the decision was made to start out on our own and just like that the Songoda Marketplace was born!

Our marketplace will always be a “work-in-progress” as we never plan to stop developing it. We’ve designed it to be flexible so that products and services can be easily added to provide additional value to our valuable creators who use Songoda to market and even house their projects. This is where we are today but even with all of that behind us it somehow still feels like we’re on the first few steps of our journey.

What’s so special about these plugins?

Songoda’s Epic Collection are a well sought after as well as well developed collection of plugins. They offer many features, settings, GUI’s, all of which can be customized inside the game! There’s no need to go through the hard work of changing settings inside files.

With a dedicated support and development team, you can join their discord at any time and expect to find a helping hand or someone ready to listen to a suggestion you have. Features upon features upon features.

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They are the top of the line when it comes to Minecraft plugins. We’re offering them here, to you now, just as if you bought them yourself, for free. We hope you enjoy the experience they provide as much as we have.

What’s included in this collection?

You can expect to find the latest versions of the following plugins in this download (Latest and all versions of Minecraft supported):

  • EpicHoppers (AND PATREON ADD-ONS)
  • EpicAnchors
  • EpicHeads
  • EpicLevels
  • EpicEnchants
  • EpicVouchers
  • EpicFarming
  • EpicBosses
  • EpicFurnaces
  • EpicSpawners

Essentially; all the plugins you need for the core features of a Minecraft Server.

Demo Songoda: Premium Minecraft Plugins – Epic Collection NULLED

Demo Full Page   

Download Songoda: Premium Minecraft Plugins – Epic Collection NULLED


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