GET PAID To Watch Ads While You Use Your Browser [MAKE MONEY EASILY IN 2020]


Brave, a chromium-based web browser that boasts an ad-free browsing experience, will now pay users to enjoy advertisements. That’s right– the ad-blocking browser will soon be running ads, but in a more thoughtful method than we’re accustomed to.

While it runs on the same tech and appears like Google Chrome, Brave does not share its far-off relative’s problematic data tracking. Brave is stripped of any data collecting procedures, and actively blocks the activity tracking that lots of ads and sites utilize to collect user details. Brave’s new marketing model keeps this level of user personal privacy; however, likewise looks for to “fix the Web and its financing model.”

Ads are frustrating, and information tracking is disconcerting. However, the majority of the sites we go to everyday work on ad earnings, and obstructing those ads makes it harder for these websites to operate. Brave’s service? Paying you to enjoy ads and sharing that cash with your preferred sites.

How the Brave Benefits ad model works

Brave develops very anti-intrusive and barely noticeable advertisement “notifications,” and uses device learning to customize your ad experience based upon which ads you see and engage with, hence cutting out the middleman in between advertisers and users. The model is entirely opt-in, indicating these advertisements will be disabled by default.

The advertisements you see will be converted into Brave’s cryptocurrency, Fundamental Attention Tokens (BAT), paid out to your Brave wallet monthly. Users get a 70 percent cut of the revenue they generate, and Brave and advertisers split the rest.

BAT can be used to exchange for real-life currency, bitcoin, or be contributed to your favorite sites based on a monthly tip/donations. You can also use these tokens to redeem for gift cards and many other things.

Brave Software
Brave Software

All ad details are stored in your area, and never shown the advertisers nor the domains you go to (though you can pick to share the income you’ve produced with websites you regular).

Best of all, Brave will still provide you an ad-free surfing experience; instead of Brave’s advertisements being displayed on websites, they instead show up as desktop alerts (the feature is presently only on desktop versions of Brave, however, alternatives for iOS and Android are available!

How to enable and customise Brave Rewards

  1. Download and install the latest version of Brave by clicking here.
  2. Open a new Brave browser window.
  3. You can enable Brave rewards when you first run the browser. Click through the welcome screen’s setup cards. The final card contains an explanation of the ad model and opt-in settings.
  4. You can also enable, disable, and customise Brave Rewards in the browser’s settings. To find these, click the Menu icon in the browser’s upper-right corner, then click the “Brave Rewards” tab in the Settings menu. Alternatively, you can type “brave://settings/” into your URL bar to jump directly to the menu.
Screenshot: Brendan Hesse, Brave Web Browser

The Brave Rewards tab displays how much BAT currency you’ve earned and other metrics. You’ll also be able to change various settings related to your ad experience. Here’s an explanation of the most important options:

  • Turn on Brave Rewards: this will enable and disable all Brave Rewards options, including ads, BAT generation, and auto-contribution.
  • Turn on ads: turns ad notifications on or off. You won’t earn BAT from ads if this is off. There are other ways for earning BAT, however, including frequent complimentary offers from Brave, or adding to the wallet from your own bank accounts.
  • Ad settings: this option lets users set the number of ads they see per hour, anywhere from 1-5 (default is two). More ads viewed means more BAT generated.
  • Auto-contribute: These settings let users share the BAT ad revenue they’ve generated with the sites they visit—the idea being that you’re paying them directly, instead of participating in their ad model.You set an amount from your wallet to be given to the websites you browse. There is a sub-menu where you can define how long to be on a site, and how many visits, before a site receives your contribution.

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