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Fastest and the best free proxy checker you can find. The proxy checker was focused on maximum usability, functionality and UX/UI design.

Features of Proxy Checker NULLED

  • Themes:
    • Light
    • Dark Neon
  • Support protocols: httphttpssocks4socks5
  • Data capturing:
    • All data
    • Server data
  • Retries
  • Multiple judges support:
    • Response validation
    • Swap
  • Blacklists support:
    • Single ips
    • Ips with mask
  • Country checking: cityname
  • Keep-Alive checking
  • Anonymity detection: transparentanonymouselite
  • Sort by: ipportprotocolsanoncountryblacklistskeep-aliveservertimeout
  • Filter by: portprotocolsanoncountryblacklistskeep-aliveservertimeout
  • Search by: ipportserver
    • Country: cityname
  • Export formats:
    • ip : port
    • protocol :// ip : port
  • Auto updates support

Core of Proxy Checker NULLED


  • Min 1
  • Max
    • If selected 1 protocol, available 1850 threads.
    • If selected 2 protocols, available 1000 threads.
    • If selected 3 protocols, available 650 threads.
    • If selected 4 protocols, available 500 threads.


  • Min 1000 ms
  • Max 60000 ms

Data capturing:

  • Capture Full Data – Capture and save all response data ( judgebodytimingsheaders ) for looking at the results page (click by proxy to show all data).
  • Capture Server – Parses response body at server signatures:
    • Squid
    • Mikrotik
    • Tinyproxy
    • Litespeed
    • Varnish
    • Haproxy


Retries – Will retry to check the proxy multiple times, for each protocol separately. Keep in mind, it increases proxy checking time.

Max retries: 10

Judges of Proxy Checker NULLED

If judge URL starts with “https://” will be used for HTTPS requests, with “http://” for HTTP.

SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 will use all proxy judges.

Validate Field:
If not empty – Enable response validation by text which you type. Response will be valid is this string was found in response body. Also support Regexes (Regex builds through Javascript RegExp).


Swap – Enable swap the judge url after each request, to minimize servers busy. Will split requests across all active proxy judges. If disabled – will use only one proxy judge with minimum response timeout.

Add new:

Url – Must be an unique.


Demo Unfx Proxy Checker Portable NULLED – The Best Checker

Demo Full Page   

Download Unfx Proxy Checker Portable NULLED – The Best Checker


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